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Dog Walk Fur Clean Water

Waves of thanks to all the PAWrific pups who walked for clean water over the past 4 years at the COA Sandy Paws Dog walks! We will not be hosting a dog walk this year. Thank you for all of your support! You and your pup can still make a difference for clean water by following COA’s 10 Tips for Dog Owners.

Together we can clean up and protect our ocean, leaving only paw-prints in the sand!

You can make a difference by always picking after your pet and also any litter while walking your dog. Did you know that your pet’s waste can have a devastating effect on the health of our waterways? In fact, one gram of dog waste contains over 23 million bacteria! Remember to always pick up after them and dispose of the waste properly. If you see others not practicing this behavior, please inform your local police as this is against the law.