Your Sandy Paws pup could be the Top Dog!

The dog that raises the most funds for Clean Ocean Action will be named

 2017 Sandy Paws Top Dog!

Prizes are awarded to the Top Dog and their photo will be featured on the 2018 promotional items!

Tips on How to Become the Top Dog

2016 Top Dog Lady

Your dog’s fundraiser will help support COA’s year-round work to:         

  • Reduce marine debris to ensure clean, safe beaches for pets and people.
  • Educate beach-goers and pet owners on the importance of picking up after their pets.
  • Help improve local water quality by funding innovative testing by dogs at Environmental Canine Services, who sniff out pollution!
  • And so much more…

Here’s a 30 second elevator pitch about Clean Ocean Action you can use to help encourage potential donors.

  • “Me and my dog, (name), are excited to support Clean Ocean Action at their upcoming Sandy Paws event. This dog walk and beach cleanup is helping to create awareness for cleaner, safer beaches for all to enjoy. Personally, I am committed to helping to protect our beaches and ocean, and hope that you will join me and (dog name) by supporting our fundraiser or by joining us at the event!”